Meet Murrami

Murrami is a Polish brand of decorative products for external and internal walls based on natural ingredients, produced with respect for the environment. Our decorative products are distinguished by quality and efficiency, which is confirmed by constant research. Spray granite and quartz plaster Murrami means longevity, no fading under the influence of the sun and a unique selection of colors that allows you to meet various aesthetic needs. Our plasters are chosen by customers looking for a premium product at the best price-quality ratio. Moreover, thanks to the spraying method, their application is easier and much faster than in the case of traditional ones. This saves time and money.
The range of products for the interior includes unique decorative masses and paints, spray wallpapers and coats. Our offer is complemented by primers and integrations present on European markets since 2001.
Murrami is not only unique, exclusive products that fit into the best design solutions, but also service at the highest level. The contractors cooperating with us are thoroughly trained, thanks to which they offer their clients services that translate into unique visual effects. Our service and training department is at our partners' disposal. If necessary, we come to construction sites, consult and help - so that the end result is simply perfect.

We invite you to contact us and cooperate with us.