It is a product designed to prepare surfaces before covering them with mineral and acrylic plasters.
Regulates absorptivity, reduces the absorbability of the substrate and the consumption of plaster mix.
Facilitates the application and increases the bond strength of the plaster with the substrate.
Application and method of use:
Suitable for use on all types of surfaces, both inside and outside buildings.
Before commencing priming, the substrate should be seasoned. The dry substrate should be cleaned of
dust, dirt, oil, grease, etc. The weakly bonded parts of the surface should be ruffled and the loose parts
removed. Strongly absorbent and sanding substrates should be covered with an appropriate primer to
strengthen the substrate before applying the graft primer (we recommend Murrami PRIMER).
The primer is applied with a roller or brush. It can be diluted with water in an amount of up to 5%. Before
use, the primer should be mixed in order to uniform its consistency. Apply the top coat after 24 hours.
drying of the primed surface. More details in the product card.
5 kg
20 kg


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Grafting soil with quartz sand
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