Murrami MG granite plaster is an innovation on the plaster mix market. A carefully selected natural stone
is used for production, and a high-quality acrylic dispersion # Silicone is used as a base. The product is
highly resistant to weather conditions. Due to the use of natural granite, the color does not fade. It is
characterized by high efficiency. With 25 kg of mass, up to 11 m2 of a finished wall can be covered
(yield: from 2.3 kg / m2 to 2.5 kg / m2).
Application and usage:
Due to the versatility of our products, Murrami MG granite plaster can be used to finish the facade and
interior of buildings. Murrami MG granite plaster is intended to be applied both with the spraying method
and with the manual method with a steel trowel.
More details in the product card
12.5 kg
25 kg


MG 1, MG 10, MG 11, MG 12, MG 13, MG 14, MG 15, MG 16, MG 17, MG 18, MG 19, MG 2, MG 20, MG 3, MG 4, MG 5, MG 6, MG 7, MG 8, MG 9


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Granite plaster Murrami MG
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