Murrami Active is a complementary (complementary) product to the Murrami Rust decorative paint. It is
used to obtain a rust effect. Coverage: from 8 m2 / 1 l to 14 m2 / 1 l.
Application and use:
Murrami Active rust activator is intended for indoor and outdoor use. We recommend spray application.
Before using the product, we recommend that you protect the surrounding surfaces on which you are not
going to use the preparation. Application and usage: Murrami Glaze decorative varnish is intended for
interior and exterior finishes. Application with a brush, roller, sponge and spray gun. More details in the
product card.
Recommendations and safety:
When used in confined spaces, ensure good ventilation. We recommend protective measures – cover all
exposed parts of the body and protect the eyes and respiratory tract. If swallowed, see a doctor

750 ml


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Murrami Active rust activator
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