Decorative paint Murrami Pearl captivates with its possibilities. Precisely selected mixtures of metallic
powders are used for production, and as a base, high-quality acrylic dispersion and processed mineral
aggregates were used. Thanks to this, an amazing, colorful play of lights with the dew effect is created on
the walls. Pearl is resistant to changing conditions (moist, dry air) and washing. It is also characterized by
high efficiency – depending on the selected decorative effect, you can get from 6 to 10 m2 per kg of mass
(efficiency: from 6 m2 / kg to 10 m2 / kg).
Application and usage:
Murrami Pearl decorative paint is intended for internal and external use.
Manual application. Depending on what we want to achieve the visual effect, brushes, decorative gloves,
ball floats can be used for application. More details in the product card.
1 kg
3 kg


Pearl 2, Pearl 3, Pearl 4, Pearl 5


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Murrami Pearl decorative paint
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