The Murrami Rust decorative paint perfectly reflects the varied colors and textures of naturally occurring
rust. That is why it works great in many architectural and interior styles. Selected iron powders are used
for production, and the base is high-quality acrylic dispersion.
Application and usage:
Murrami Rust is a universal mass. It can be used on building facades as well as inside. Designed for
manual application with a steel trowel by a professional. To obtain the proper rust effect, we use a special
Murrami brand activator and a dedicated Murrami sealing impregnate. From 5 kg of mass, from 5 m2 to

10 m2 of a wall can be covered. To achieve the rust effect, you need the product Murrami ACTIVE rust
More details in the product card.
1 kg
5 kg


Rust Elegance, Rust natural, Rust patinated


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Murrami Rust decorative paint
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