Varnish intended for decorative coatings, incl. such as Murrami Concrete decorative mass and Rust,
Velvet, Pearl and Travertine decorative paints. Ensures that the color effects are maintained. Also
recommended for painting rooms exposed to moisture: bathrooms, kitchens, window niches, basements
and swimming pools. Murrami Varnish blocks the ingress of moisture into walls and ceilings.
Application and Usage:
You should start with preparing the substrate. It should be permanently dry, free of greasy stains and dust.
Existing unevenness is recommended to be leveled with putty. Places with mold or mildew should be
cleaned and then disinfected with a fungicide.
If present, dry the stains dry. Having the substrate ready, we can proceed to varnishing – the product only
needs to be mixed well. Painting is best done with a roller. To paint the first layer which is the base, dilute
the product with max. 10% Naftosol G thinner. Apply the second layer after min. 1 hour with a product
with commercial viscosity at 20 ° C. More information can be found in the product card.
1 l
3 l


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Murrami Varnish
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