Murrami Velvet decorative paint is an innovation on the decorative paint market. It is characterized by
plasticity and resistance to washing. Any velvet effect can be achieved by using appropriate techniques.
For its production, carefully selected mixtures of metallic dust are used, and as a base, high-quality
acrylic dispersion was used. From 3 kg of mass, we can obtain up to 15 m2 of a finished wall (efficiency:
from 3 m2 / kg to 5 m2 / kg).
Application and usage:
Murrami Velvet decorative paint is intended for interiors. It is applied manually using a roller, brush,
sponge, duopack or Venetian trowel. More details in the product card.
1 kg
3 kg


Velvet 1, Velvet 2, Velvet 3, Velvet 4, Velvet 5, Velvet 6, Velvet 7, Velvet 8


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Murrami Velvet decorative paint
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